On Their Self-Titled Debut EP sMALLTIME Shares Both Their Musical Talent and Spiritual Wisdom

Website: http://www.smalltimerock.com

Overall Album Vibe:

While this is the debut EP from the Orange County, California band each individual band member brought a seasoned musical resume with them when joining the band. Concerning the band’s music and name frontman Danny Van explains that, “the message is first and foremost,” he continues on saying, “so why not name it something that keeps us humble. God’s the only BIGTIME so we’re sMALLTIME.”

While sMALLTIME is a Christian band their blues/ classic rock sound will appeal to a wide range of listeners. The 5-tracks that make up their EP are filled with messages of God’s grace. The lead off track, “You Never Know,” is a guitar driven track with a classic rock sound with a message about sharing the good news of God’s message even when you may not feel like doing it. “Dead on Arrival,” is an up-tempo blues rocker filled with gritty passion filled vocals dealing with God’s grace and the eternal life that comes from Jesus. “Saving Souls,” is a just under 6 minute’s mid-tempo rock track about wanting to be on the frontline of saving souls for the Kingdom.

Review Tagline: With their classic rock sound and no BS lyrics sMALLTIME is one of those rare bands that have the ability play at the toughest biker bar on a Saturday night and at the local church on Sunday with both audiences being equally receptive to their music.

Standout Tracks: “You Never Know”, “Dead on Arrival”, “Saving Souls”

Review by C.W. Ross


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