Featured Band- Bestowed

I was recently contacted by the Christian band Bestowed and was pointed to their SonicBid’s page where I got to sample some of their music. I was very impressed by what I heard; this band knows how to rock it out.

Bestowed’s music is filled with driving beats and stabbing guitar parts driven by rumbling drumbeats along with sprinklings of keyboard work. This band isn’t just a one trick pony though they also know how to slow it down and belt out lyrics that are overflowing with passionate worship.

The group got their start in 2007 with Ty (lead guitar) and Lilly Carnes (lead vocals) and then rounded the band out with the additions of David Baiera (drums), Jessica Hensley (bass), and Kristin Dodd (keyboard, vocals).

The band’s biography lists their mission as, ‘Their objective is to connect to and communicate Christ through music on a deep and intimate level, sending a message of hope and guidance to a lost world.

The original music offers inspiration and identification for those struggling to understand their purpose in life.’

Fans of the band Fireflight will find a familiar sound in Bestowed’s music.

If you’re like me and like to rock it out for God then you need to head on over to Bestowed’s website and check them out.



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