Christian Band Unspoken Lets the Soulful Pop Flow on Their Centricity Music Debut EP ‘Get to Me’

Artist: Unspoken
Title: ‘Get to Me’

Overall Album Vibe:

Unspoken front man Chad Mattson played basketball and even acted as a designated driver for his partying friends but over time he started falling into the partying lifestyle. Mattson said that, “I would wait until after Thursday night Bible study to get high so that I would have a clear mind for the Lord.” He continues on saying, “I believe in God and I knew that I wanted God, but I still found myself stuck in this environment.” Fast forward to two and a half years later reaching a point in his addiction where he knew he had to rediscover his relationship with God. Long story short Chad and his brother went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic where he helped build churches and spent time reconnecting with God and his faith.

The bands debut EP, ‘Get to Me,’ found on Centricity Music,is filled with five tracks of soulful pop-rock music with messages of reconnecting with God. Tracks that stood out include the rocking, “Run to You” that deals with God’s grace. “Just to Get to Me”, is a pop sounding track about God’s plan for our life, that at times may include what looks like shattered dreams, but in the long run turn out to be positive and put us in a better place. “Who You Are”, is the first radio single from the EP and deals with the fact that we don’t have to let our past mistakes and bad decisions rule our current situation in life.

Review Tagline: Unspoken’s Centricity Music Debut ‘Get to Me,’ is filled with soulful pop music that offers up words of hope and encouragement to those who have strayed from their relationship with God.

Standout Tracks: “Run to You”, “Just to Get to Me”, “Who You Are”

Review by C.W. Ross


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