Andrew Peterson’s Latest Release ‘Light for the Lost Boy’ is Available in Three Different Formats

Artist: Andrew Peterson
Title: ‘Light for the Lost Boy’

Overall Album Vibe:

‘Light for the Lost Boy’ is the latest release from Andrew Peterson found on Centricity Music. The release was produced by longtime friend Ben Shive (Jeremy Camp, Sara Grooves, Matt Wertz) and Cason Cooley (Matt Kearney, Audrey Assad). The release comes in 3 formats; regular CD, special CD edition that includes a 32 page booklet written by Peterson and seven extra acoustic songs and the third is a vintage vinyl record.

My review is for the standard CD version of, ‘Light for the Lost Boy.’ Several of the songs found on the album deal with the growing up of Peterson’s kids like found on the piano track, “You’ll Find Your Way.” The track deals with a child growing up and starting to go in their own direction and your hope that the roots that you’ve laid down in their growing up years is enough to keep them on the right track in life. Another main theme of the album is hope for the broken like in the track, “Carry the Fire,” that offers hope for in those rough times of life. When asked about the album Peterson said that, “…my hope is that some fifteen-year-old kid out there or some fifty-year-old kid will hear, ‘Light for the Lost Boy,’ and find some comfort, some assurances that he or she is known and loved by the great love of the universe.”

Review Tagline: On his new release, ‘Light for the Lost Boy’ Andrew Peterson continues to put out music that leaves you fulfilled.

Standout Tracks: “Rest Easy”, “Day By Day”, “Carry the Fire”, “You’ll Find Your Way”

Review by C.W. Ross


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